Acting director:

Kovylkino campus is one of the most successful divisions of the university. Campus is headed by Candidate of Social Sciences Associate Professor Igor Poverinov Ye. At present, its structure consists of three sections: higher education, vocational education, supplementary education.


Head of Machine building institute (Ruzaevka branch):
Address: 93 Lenina str., Ruzaevka 431440

Ruzaevsky Institute of Engineering traces its history to 1964.

The Institute trains specialists and bachelors qualifications for the various branches of engineering the Republic of Mordovia and the Russian Federation. Education of students is conducted in three specialties and profiles:

– Mechanical Engineering (specialist, bachelor)

– Machine tools and systems (specialist, bachelor “)

– Economics and Management (on branches) (Specialist) / Industrial Management (Bachelor)

To ensure full educational process Institute has the necessary educational, scientific and material resources. Educational Institute of the body are equipped with modern laboratories and lecture halls. At the disposal of students five computer labs, a library with a subscription and a reading room, a gym with a gym, a hostel.