The Faculty of Philology is one of the oldest structural subdivisions of the Mordovian State University. N.P. Ogaryova. He has been leading his history since the foundation of the university. For a long time, such well-known scientists as MM Bakhtin, SS Konkin, PS Shishkanov, IG Cherrapkin and others worked here.

Currently, 27 doctors and 43 candidates of sciences are taught here, about 500 students study. Training is carried out in two directions – “Philology” and “Journalism.” Students of the faculty have the opportunity to study on additional educational programs “International journalism of Finno-Ugric countries” and “Teaching of philological disciplines”. The faculty cooperates with leading scientific centers, largest universities and research institutes in Russia, actively develops international cooperation, implements joint research and educational projects with universities in Finland, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland. In these countries, students of the Faculty of Philology are internships.

At the faculty there are: a scientific laboratory of national and applied research in the field of Finno-Ugric, scientific circles in journalism, literary studies and linguistics. Students annually deliver scientific reports not only at university, but also at international scientific conferences.