Before 1931 there were no institutions of higher education in Mordovia. In October 1931 an Institute of Agriculture, Mechanics and Pedagogics including Board of Physics and Technology was established in Saransk.

The main goal was to prepare teachers of Math and Physics for rural areas. In 1932 the agrotechnical pedagogical institution was transformed into Mordovia State Pedagogical Institution which included the Math and Physics Board.

In 1934 the Math and Physics Board was reorganized into The Faculty of Mathematics by the dean Eremin P.D. (1934-1937). The first 50 Physics and Math teaches were turned out in 1935.

That’s so the first stage of higher math education in Mordovia started.

That stage was characterized by invitation of high qualification scientific staff, mainly mathematicians and physicists, from other Institutes to prepare the teachers of Math and Physics for Mordovia.

From 1934 to 1938 there was the only Math chair managed by Eremin P.D. (1937-1938). The first sage had been rather prolonged one being characterized by some changes caused by a variety of the reasons which resulted in Faculty strengthening leading to emerging of three Boards of Math instead of one:

The Chair of Geometry ;

  1. The Chair of Algebra;
  2. the Chair of Calculus and Numbers Theory .

But in 1940 the Chairs staff was reformed into two chairs :

  1. The Chair of Geometry ;
  2. The Chair of Algebra and Math Analysis

At war-time ( 1941-1945 ) and post war – time the number of graduates reduced. The only chair (The chair of Math) was functioning at that time.

By 1954 the first creative stage of the higher mathematical education in Mordovia was followed by the second one characterized by involving the high scientific degree lecturers of Math like A.E.Raik and S.A.Piasetsky, scientific tasks being added to the educative issues of the Chair.

Scientific seminars were put in practice naturally leading to the professional links with the well known Russian scientists, native Mordovian students being involved in scientific research at the same time.

Scientific digests began to be published since 1960. The first one was named “The Proceedings”(Math and Physics).

Geometry Chair was revived in 1954 (Chairmen being A.E.Raik, 1954-1956; S.A.Piasetsky, 1956-1958). In 1955 The Chair of Math was renamed into The Chair and Math Analysis (D.P.Bochkaryov, the first Chairman).`

In 1957 the Mordovia State University was formed on the basis of the Mordovia Pedagogical Institute and included the Faculty of Physics and Math with two mathematical chairs:

  1. The Chair of Higher Algebra and Differential Equations( directors: D.P.Bochkaryov ( 1958-1970), A.S. Tsirkin (1970-1976));
  2. The Chair of Math and Geometry (directors: S.A.Piasetsky (1958-1972), B.A. Ivanov (1973-1976)).

In 1961 The Chair of Math Analysis was formed in the University that was headed by V.I. Sorokina (1961-1976), V.A. Heiler (1976-1978), A.S. Tsirkin (1978-1981), I.I. Chuchaev (from 1981 till now).Appearance of computers and increasing of Calculus Math influence lead to the formation of the Chair of Calculus Math in 1964. ( directed by B.G. Batiaev in 1964-1970, E.V. Voskresensky in 1970-1985, V.D. Shiriaev in 1985-1989).

By 1970 five mathematical chairs were functioning in the Physics and Math faculty. Their staff included 15 candidates of science , assistant professors. It carried out a serious scientific research even by students who were going to study in post-graduate course. Some outstanding scientists from leading Russian Institutes contributed significantly to the scientific research and development of the pedagogical staff at different stages of the Faculty growth, the former including V.I.Zubov , professor , a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science ; N.M.Matveev , professor; N.E.Keren, professor ; U.Z. Aleshkov , professor ; A.G.Pinsker , professor from St.- Petersburg , V.F. Tishken ( Moscow), N.F. Otrokov ( Nigniy Novgorod ), A.P.Norden , V.V. Vishnevskey (Kazan), U.N.Derugen ( Sarov) and others.

In 1970 the Faculty of Physics and Math was divided into two new faculties : the Faculty of Math and the Faculty of Physics . Since this time the Faculty of Math began its own life. The first dean of the faculty was V.I. Sorokina (1970-1975). The next one was V.I. Grishanov (1975-1998). From 1999 till now I.I. Chuchaev has been working as a dean .

The Faculty suffered some reconstractive changes.The Chair of Theoretical Mechanics was included into the Faculty of Math and directed by V.B.Gorskey (1968-1972), U.I. Larkin (1973- 1983), N.G. Taktarov (1983- 2000). In 1996 it was renamed in the Chair of Mechanics and Math Designing . In 1976 the Chair of Algebra and Differential Equations and the Chair of Higher Math and Geometry were reconstructed into:

1.The Chair of Differential Equations

2. The Chair of Algebra and Geometry

In 1984 the Chair ofComputer-aided Design Systems was formedto start collaborating with faculties of engineer specialties firstly. At the beginning of 90s the specialists of this chair started preparing the students of “Applied Math” specialty.

In 1989 two chairs were formed on the basis of the Chair of Calculating Math :

  1. The Chair of Applied Math (headed by P.A.Shamanaev)
  2. The Chair of Informatics and Calculating Technology ( headed by V.D. Shiriaev)

In 1996 the Chair of Pedagogical Education was included into the staff of the Math Faculty ( headed by N.I. Meshkov). In 2000 the Chair of General Math was reconstructed .The Chair of Mechanics and Math Design was reorganized into the Chair of Math and Theoretical Mechanics .The Chair of Technology and Programming was opened.

So , currently, the staff of 9 chairs are carrying out the pedagogical an mathematical education of the students from the most part of faculties and institutes of the University:

  1. The Chair of Applied Math (headed by P.A. Shamanev, senior lecture)
  2. The Chair of Informatics and Calculating Technology (headed by V.D.Shiriaev , senior lecture ).
  3. The Chair of Math and Theoretical Mechanics (headed by I.P. Boriskina , senior lecture).
  4. The Chair of Computer-aided Design Systems (headed by V.F.Belov, Doctor of Technology).
  5. The Chair of Differential Equations (headed by V.N. Shennikov , senior lecture).
  6. The Chair of Math Analysis (headed by I.I.Chuchaev, senior lecture).
  7. The Chair of Algebra and Geometry ( headed by L.A. Sucharev , senior lecture).
  8. The Chair of Programming Technology (headed by A.G. Smolianov , senior lecture).
  9. The Chair of Pedagogical Education (headed by N.I.Meshkov, Doctor of Psychology ).

The teaching staff of the faculty(96 persons) includes 5 doctors , 55 senior lectures . Besides , the faculty has its own computing laboratories , research laboratory ( on the basis of the Chair of Applied Math ), the scientific research laboratory of functional analysis and mathematical Physics , the scientific research laboratory ( on the basis of the Chair of the Differential Equations , the Chair of Math and Theoretical Mechanics , the Chair of Algebra and Geometry , the Chair of Pedagogical Education)